Monday, October 27, 2008

Family time with the Tongs

With the birth of baby cousin Nicholas, it's been really great to have family (Grandma and Grandpa Tong) visiting us in Hong Kong. Natalie has had a chance to spend more time with family and has become really good at pointing out who's who in the family. Natalie also loves her baby cousins Victoria and Nicholas and gets super excited when she sees them. She points and yells "Beh-bee! Beh-bee!". She is also still an avid admirer of her older cousin Vanessa who can do so many wonderful things Natalie is still learning to do like sing songs and talk in full sentences.

Natalie and Victoria hanging out with Por-por and Gong-gong.

Por-por with Vanessa, Natalie, and Victoria.

The cousins sitting close. We really hope they'll play and fight and be good friends as they grow up together!

During meal times, the kids eat first (we feed them). Then, our helper will look after the kids while the adults eat. The only way for her to watch all 4 kiddies is by turning on the television for 10 minutes. The three oldest instantly become TV zomies and Suparti is free to carry and rock the littlest Nicholas.

Three cousins in a row: Small, medium, big. Here Natalie is wearing her alternate Hallowe'en costume (a school girl). That didn't work out when her stockings decided not to fit her any more.

Natalie gives little Victoria a reassuring pat.

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