Monday, October 20, 2008

Hanging out at Times Square

A couple days ago, Natalie and I visited Times Square and hung out with Annie and little Ethan. Natalie really enjoyed spending time with Ethan and were given free roam of the whole area (chatting up our neighbours and checking out the shops) while us mommies sat in the comfy couches and chatted.

Natalie even learned how to climb up onto a narrow wooden ledge (see below pics) and how to shuffle side-ways to move but not fall off, and how to climb down. Afterwards, she was sooo tired she completely passed out when we met up with Por-por, Gong-gong, Carol and little Nicholas for dinner at Lian.

Me and the cute babies. They were impatient to be let down again so they could roam and wander.

The bubs taking a break. This is the narrow wooden ledge Natalie learned to climb up, shuffle side-ways, and climb back down on.

Natalie watching (and copying) her little friend Ethan.

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  1. Aw this is so cute of them on the ledge! Olivia misses hanging out with Nat and Ethan. :(