Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playroom fun

A couple weeks ago, we were at the AMC playroom. Natalie is very interactive and will climb and explore on her own now. Below are some pics from our time there with her friends.

Natalie playing lego with Ethan. Instead of doing like most other kids and scattering lego around, she went around collecting stray lego pieces and putting them back in the bin.

You can see Ethan's cute little smile here.

Natalie and Ethan in the lego room around the table. Ethan is quite the little climber!

Natalie sitting on her little car. She can climb on and off this by herself!

More climbing around the safetly bumpers.

I had to help her onto this one. She kept shaking herself (and her head) furiously to make it rock (but it only moves a little).

Natalie inspecting her new toy.

Natalie riding on her car. Can you find her?

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