Monday, October 20, 2008

Saddest baby ever

The past couple of days have been hard ones for Natalie. First and foremost, she is plagued by constant pain as her bottom-right canine and bottom-left molar slowly break through her gums. She has been drooling a fountain all day, eating very little, and whimpering a lot. She tells us her gums hurt by putting her index finger in her mouth, saying "Ya-ya!" and crying. The only bright spots in her day are when we give her a warm bottle of milk to ease her hunger and help soothe her.

And then yesterday, we noticed blood in her diaper (along with the poo-poo) and when we took her to the hospital, we were told she has a bacterial infection (non-contagious) which causes it and now we put her medicine in her milk (she HATES taking her medicine and is so smart she always spits out at least half of it, staining her clothes and our clothes so it's easiest in her bottle).

And then this morning, upon taking her first dose of pennicillin, Natalie's face suddenly became all red and splotchy so I took her back to the hospital where we found out she is allergic to it. See photos below. Poor girl... she'll be on antibiotics for the next 7 days, and a variety of other meds. All in all, she's been a very brave little girl.


  1. Oh poor Natalie! Hope you will get better soon, poor darling.

  2. Oh poor Nat, how unpleasant to be plagued by so many things at the same time. Hope she feels better soon!

    PS - I'm allergic to penecillin too.

  3. POOR Nat man, she's recovered quite well...!! And yes, it scared the begeebers out of me when I saw her face like a balloon!!!