Thursday, October 2, 2008

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool

On Tuesday, Natalie and I went to the AMC for a swim date with Debbie and Olivia, Annie and Ethan, Polly and Emily, and little Jonathon. Natalie took some time to get used to the water but she finally did it and wandered off by herself to splash and search for toys. Below are some pics:

Natalie all dressed and ready to go in her new barbie bikini. She was a little self-conscious about her big belly and tried to push it back in with her hand.

Natalie was impatient waiting for us moms to get ready. She says, "Let's go to the pool... that way!" Her bikini bottom was alot smaller than her swim diaper.

Natalie was a little scared and hesitant at first and needed to hold my hand.

She quickly came to love the water and was splashing and playing with toys and her friends. Here she is with her little friend Olivia "sharing" toys.

Olivia was really adventurous and, while I was trying to pose them next to each other for a photo, she would enthusiastically throw herself into the water instead of sitting still. I think Natalie was a little jealous of her very cool arm balloons.

Polly and little Emily. Emily loved the water. She also loved to climb up onto the ledge and then jump down into the water again.

Debbie and little Olivia. This was our last swim date with them... we'll miss you!

Annie and little Ethan. Ethan was super comfortable and happy in the water. He kept smiling and splashing water all around him. While being dunked in the water, he knew to close his eyes and hold his breath and didn't cry at all.

Natalie hanging out with her friend Ethan.


  1. Natalie's looking pretty sexy in that bikini top. She's sooo cute, especially where she's being 'self conscious' of her tummy. :D

  2. This is cute! Yah, her bikini bottom is a wee tad small!! but it looks like she had so much fun!!!