Monday, November 3, 2008

Bath Time

Last week, while they were vsiting, Lisa Yee-yee decided to give little Victoria her bath. As we were filling the tub with warm water and rubber duckies, Natalie wandered in and wanted to bathe, too. So we threw them in together.

Also, watch Video 165 of Natalie doing her thing (turning around, saying hi and bye, and chit-chatting) and hanging with Victoria and Gong-gong. You can see she loves it when I turn the screen around so she can see herself. She waves and says "Hi" to herself.

Victoria and Natalie taking a bath together. They've both grown so much, soon they both won't fit any more.

Victoria's starting to get a little grumpy. She doesn't like sharing a bath!

Mommy, save me! Victoria says. Natalie wonders what's going on? Did I do something? Is it my drool?

Lisa Yee-yee finishes the bath and rescues Victoria out of the bath.

Wrapped in a warm towel and in her mom's arms, Victoria is content again.

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  1. lol we have similiar blogs :P sharing pics! it's cute!!