Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family day at the park

Earlier this week, we took Natalie out to the nearby park (a regular event) and brought our camera to snap a few casual photos (a less frequent event). Below are pics and comments.

Natalie says, "I don't want to walk there by myself. Pick me up! Daddy, put the camera down and tell Mommy to pick me up!"

"I just want to be carried. Is that so much to ask?!"

When we finally arrive at the park, Natalie forgets about being picked up. She'd rather climb up the slide, and slide back down on her belly.

Natalie happily wandering around the playground with daddy keeping a close eye on her.

Me and the cutie.

Natalie sees all the big boys and girls climbing this ladder and wants to climb it, too.

"Help, how do I do this?" Her legs keep slipping off the rungs and the rungs are too far apart for her.

Daddy to the rescue!

Look at the concentration on her face.

Almost there!

Natalie has made it to the very top and explores the upper decks of the playground. Look at the little belly.

Natalie loves it when she looks between the holes in the floor and sees her daddy Clark. Surprise!

She tries to poke her little fingers through the hole to touch Clark.
A look at Natalie climbing the stairs all by herself. When she peeks through the holes and sees Clark, she smiles for the camera.
Another peek at Natalie through the holes in the floor.
Later, Natalie tells Clark she wants to climb the BIG spiral slide. She points a lot now.

Tracy helps her to climb up again. Natalie peeks at her daddy through the slots.

And then we go doooown the slide together. Natalie loves it.

Natalie asks her daddy if she can climb up again.

Natalie climbs up again this time with Clark close behind in case she needs help.

And then they go doooown the slide again. Although you can't see it, Natalie's mouth is wide open. She really loves going down the spiral slide with us. When she tries to go down by herself, somehow she always ends up turning around halfway down and ends up going the rest of the way backwards.
Natalie really seems to enjoy spending quality time with us this past week. Of course, we love it, too :)


  1. Great pictures!! Look at the quality... love the one where you were able to capture her tears. Poor Natalie :(

  2. wow you guys really did take great pics here!!! And many of them! Good job on the photography!

  3. Sweet photos! Makes me want to get rid of our crappy camera.
    Are you guys really coming to Sing?! We're so excited to see you! Oh I hope you're coming before Dec 8th - we're going back home for the holidays that day. Let me know!