Wednesday, November 19, 2008


From Nov 11 - 17, the entire Wang family and friends were in Sydney for our good friends Vanessa & Kevy's wedding. The wedding was beautiful (Natalie was specially mentioned by the groom in his speech) and everyday, the city was like the perfect summer weather in Toronto... made us miss home alot! We went to the zoo, ate a ton of seafood, and did some shopping.

Below are some select photos of Natalie. For all pics from our Sydney trip, see

Also, see Video 166 of Natalie slurping noodles at an Italian cafe in Sydney.

Natalie is scared to touch the sleeping lizard at the zoo. I was kind of scared too.

Natalie staring at amazement at the giraffes. She has a few giraffe toys so was open-mouthed at seeing them real and moving in front of her.

Natalie with Clark staring at mountain goats sitting high on their mountain.

Natalie smiling and saying "Hi" to the goats.

Natalie sitting on a big fake sealion with Uncle Brad. She loved it and, if we took her off, would walk back to sit on it again.

Natalie still sitting on the sealion, this time with Auntie Vivian. After this trip, she can now say "Vivo".

Natalie and her daddy Clark hanging with some sheep.

Natalie was so excited at the zoo she didn't nap at all. By the time we left, it was almost 2:00pm (5:00pm HK time) and she gratefully passed out in her stroller while we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the ferry.

Natalie with Uncle Brad, Auntie Vivo and her mommy at the Fish Market. We ate sooo much seafood, it was super fresh.

Clark and Vivo with the sleeping Natalie on St. George street while shopping. Since we were on vacation, Natalie had to nap on the go.

Natalie hanging out with her daddy Clark at our Park Hyatt hotel room. We pushed two beds together to make one big bed for Clark, Natalie, Tracy and Vivo.

While in Sydney, we also celebrated Clark's 30th birthday. Here is Natalie happy in her highchair at Red Oak restaurant.

She was very happy! We tried to give her a time-out (for spitting) and when we turned her highchair around, she didn't even seem to notice and was happy looking around and chatting with passerbyers.

Today is Clark's official birthday date. Happy Birthday Daddy!

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