Friday, December 5, 2008

At Victoria Park

Today we went to the playground in Victoria Park. It's big and provides a lot of different activities for Natalie. She can climb and swing and explore. She loved it and spent a good hour playing around. She also met a new little friend there and they played together for a while.

Natalie and her new friend peeking out through the see-through plastic.

They played here for over 5 minutes, banging on the glass, pressing their faces against it, and even licking it (ya, ew)!

Natalie can sit down at the top and go down a slide by herself now. When she does, she says "Weee!" (copying me).

Natalie and her new friend examine leaves and other dirt on the ground.

Later, Natalie takes a much needed break on the park bench. She finishes her whole sippy cup of juice. Playing in the sun in thirsty work.

Natalie back at it again. Here she is climbing up the steps. She can do it all by herself without my help.

Finally, we put Natalie on the swings. She kind of likes it, but if you push her too high or too fast, she'll shake her head and say "No no".

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