Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Natalie and her new Elmo

Natalie received a wonderful new gift from Serena and Vivian this Christmas. It's an interactive Elmo who can talk and asks for her to help him with certain things like zipping his jacket, checking his pockets, and tying his shoelace!

Since we were away, she only got to open it the morning we got back on the 28th. She was super excited to have a gift to open and when Clark punched a small opening for her to start unwrapping, she got down to it right away.

When it was finally opened, see how impatient Natalie is for Clark to take her new Elmo out of the box and install new batteries. Video 172.

Natalie gasps when she first peeks under the wrapping paper. She says "Eh-mo!"

See her hands and arms are a blur of motion as she tries to help Elmo out from behind his hiding place.

I call her name over and over but she never looks up. She's too busy.

She tries playing with him in the box. She even tried to give him a hug while he was still in the box. After a while, she started to make eh-oh-eh-oh sounds while trying to pull him out.

NOW she wants mommy and daddy to help her new Elmo out of the box. She loves her new toy and now she has two Elmos!

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  1. Very cute! She's super patient waiting for Clark to put in the batteries... what a good girl! :D