Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ocean Park again

Armed with our annual passes, we love taking Natalie to Ocean Park. Natalie loves the aquarium and gets very excited every time the big fishes or turtles swim by. It's also a great way to burn some of her ever-growing energy (she demands to go out everyday now). Besides the Aquarium, we played a few carnival games (Clark won!), fed the sealions, and Clark snapped some good close-ups of Natalie being cheerful and curious while watching me on the "Swing of the Century" ride. I had a headache aftewards (getting old!). See photos below.

Our little family at Ocean Park. Natalie is wearing the safari hat we purchased at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. She actual likes this hat!

Natalie and I standing in front of a small aquarium. She was pointing out fishes and saying they were "eh-low" (yellow) and "puh-poh" (purple).

A sting ray emerges to the surface of the water in the large aquarium. Natalie can't get enough of this exhibit. She really loves it.

Close-up of Natalie. She loves family trips to Ocean Park. There is always lots of see, do, and eat! We still haven't even made it to the kids park (close by the entrance). Next time we will go for sure.

Natalie waves hi at the camera.

Natalie standing just outside while Suparti and I ride on the swing of the century.

We dressed her in "play clothes" of long white t-shirt and sturdy blue overall cords. Even with her pink Nike shocks running shoes, she looked like a boy all day.
Clark took this great shot of me (wearing the cap) on the ride. I was so dizzy afterwards, I had to sit down and may never ride this again in my life.

It was way past her bedtime by the time Natalie passed out (on our way back to the cable car to go home).

The sealions. Females can weigh up to 90kg. The males can weigh up to 300kg!!

Clark feeding the sealions little fishes. Even if you rinse your hands after, they still smell fishy.

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  1. Cool pics!! you guys are getting pretty good shots with your camera!! that's totally worth it! And again, another fun day at OP! Can't wait to come back and join you! May consider the passes ourselves!