Friday, December 19, 2008

Playing with photoshop

With a little spare time on my hands, I decided to try some more fun with photoshop. Here are a few of the results. I think some of the tricks really help to improve the quality of the pictures and make them pop. To view or download the larger size, click on each photo.

This one turned out the best. It also happens to be one of my favourite pics of Natalie. It captures her sincere and curious expression perfectly.
I also like this one. This is another look I am familiar with. Lately, Natalie has become very good at protesting things (medicine for example) with a long, dragged out, tragic "Nooo....!"
Photos taken on cloudy days turned out the best with great color balance. Each photo is progressively more "treated". This one is a little too blurry for me, but I kept it anyways.
This one is also a bit too blurry for me. I love this photo. It's still the wallpaper image on my iPhone.
This photo (also a favourite) had some extreme treatment done on it. I think this effect is pretty cool because the colors are bright, but there is a lot of softness and almost a 3-D quality to it.

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  1. Nice photos dear! Also love the photo of Natalie with all the fruits in her shirt. I still remember the video... so funny! :D