Sunday, December 28, 2008


We just returned from a 4-day trip to Sanya, Hainan in China. It's a beachy resort destination and we stayed at the Pullman Hotel which is fabulous (big, shiny and new!). We had a great time golfing and eating and relaxing. Natalie also had a great time and got to know her uncles and auntie Marian, Gerald and Carey better. More pics can be found at our flickr account here:

This giant Christmas tree in the main foyer. It was our first xmas not at home.

Natalie makes this face whenever we ask her to "show me your teeth".

While hanging out at the driving range (golf), Natalie enjoyed munching cookies and leaving crumbs all over her face. She can ask for cookies now by saying "cook-kee".

More teeth-showing with her daddy Clark outside our hotel room.

Natalie enjoying a pear with me. It was a beautiful resort.

Our family heading to dinner. Natalie really enjoys sitting on Clark's shoulders. And, whenever she wants to be picked up, she will clap her hands together and say "Puw-puw".

Natalie enjoying the view and looking around while we walk.

Whenever we got lazy, we asked the hotel staff to drive us around in these. Natalie calls them "che-che" (the word "car" in Cantonese).

Natalie also enjoyed opening and closing drawers and cupboards in our hotel room. She found all sorts of interesting things to play with.

Here's the packet of condoms she found.

Here is Natalie's new bag-of-stuff (diapers, snacks, etc...). We bought it in Shenzhen, China and when I asked for the price, they said "$350 HKD" and I eventually bought it for $90. It's a steal! It's great, very light and tons of pockets. Even Natalie now knows how to get snacks or her pacifier whenever she wants. As a bonus, it comes with a Kipling monkey toy on the side. Or, as Natalie would say, "uhb-kee".

Natalie posing with her new bag at the front door of our bedroom.

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