Friday, December 5, 2008

Things Natalie Likes

See Video 170 of Natalie hanging out at home, helping us to sweep the floor, and admiring herself in the camera again. It's amazing how much she has grown and changed in just a few short months.

Also, here are a list of some things Natalie likes:

1. Her pacifier: Now that we've transitioned Natalie from her thumb to the pacifier, she LOVES her pacifier and will always ask for it. We give it to her as much as possible in hopes she will forget about her thumb. So far so good!

2. Fruit: She can clearly say "apple", "banana" and "grape" and she can eat an entire orange and avocado by herself in one sitting.

3. Other babies: Natalie is fascinated with people who are even littler than she is. She likes to reach out and shake their hands and hug and kiss them.

4. Dogs and birds: But if they get too close, she freaks out and starts to cry. For Natalie, all animals (and some people) are to be admired and loved from afar.

5. Feeding herself: She will always ask for her own spoon (pronounced "pohn") during meal time and insists on drinking soup and eating by herself.

6. Her mommy and daddy: With us both home, she has grown very attached to having us around. She always calls for us. When daddy left to go to Macau today, an hour later, Natalie looked around, spread her hands and asked, "Ba-ba?"

7. Climbing up and down the stairs: She can do it for hours. For small steps, she can climb up and down without help now.

8. Elmo: She LOVES elmo and especially loves watching him on TV. She will scream with excitement and move her body in an uncoordinated dance whenever we put his DVD on.

9. New shoes: Whenever we go shoe shopping for her, she will happily try on every pair we give her and stomp around the store with a huge grin on her face. She also likes to choose the shoes she wears when we go out.

10. Most of all, Natalie likes... herself! Whenever she sees herself in photos, videos, or live on the video camera, she will wave and say hi and smile and laugh. It's a guaranteed pleaser.

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