Friday, December 5, 2008

Visiting the Chen Den

Carol, Dave and little cousin Nicholas are finally "permanently" in Hong Kong, yay! We went to visit them earlier this week. Here are some pics:

Dave, me and Carol in their apartment.

Little Nicholas is such a little cutie. He was awake and alert during our entire visit.

He seems to really enjoy being carried by his daddy Dave. Look at the round face.

Nicholas is only 2 months old, but he can follow the camera with his eyes. Doesn't he look exactly like Dave?

Couldn't resist adding this one. He's so cute :)

When it's my turn to carry him, he is so small and light and easy to carry. It's hard to remember Natalie being this small.

When I first pass him closer to Natalie, Nicholas cries when she kisses him.
Then we put them together in the crib and Nicholas seems ok. He's so small he fits in horizontally. She's a giant compared to him!

Natalie is fascinated with him. He's much smaller than she is and she seems to know she is the older cousin and needs to be gentle with him.

Then we lie them down next to each other.
Natalie is way longer than her little cousin. Her feet dangle over the edge and her head is almost twice the size.

Natalie gives him a gentle hug. He doesn't seem to mind.

When Natalie goes in for a second kiss, they've warmed up and finally, we get a little smile (he's playing with his mum Carol)!

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  1. So cute seeing how big Nat is with her new cousin in the crib! Your parents must be so happy being surrounded by so many grandchildren!