Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Natalie can count

One day, while I was counting aloud with Natalie, all of a sudden, she started to count with me! It's amazing and gratifying to know all the hours reading aloud, counting, singing, etc... are finally paying off. Listen to Natalie count by herself to the number 4 in Video 184. Her pronunciation is very cute and a little off, but you get the idea.

CNY at the Chen Den

Yesterday, we went to visit Nicholas, Carol and Dave along with Vanessa, Victoria, Lisa and Dennis. We went swimming, had lunch, visited the play room, the babies had naps, we played street fighter II, and then we all trooped out for dinner. It was such a fun day and the pool was empty and warm like a bath. Natalie loved the waterfall and she was very comfortable in the water. Thanks to the Chen Den for having us over!

The gang at the pool. I was last one in and snapped a few pics before the attendants told us no photo-taking in the pool.

A proper family pose with Natalie (and her fancy arm bands which she loves), Carol, Dave, Lisa, Nicholas, Vanessa and Clark.
I slip in the pool and take a quick photo with Natalie. I've had better fashion moments than the goggles-on-the-head look.
Vanessa really enjoyed the pool, too. She loved to splash!

Later, in the playroom, Natalie hangs out with Lisa and Victoria in the a play house.

And when Vanessa goes down a slide, her hair stands up with the static.
Here is Natalie hanging out with her daddy in the playroom.
Later, Natalie sneaks into an Ng Thing family photo.

Monday, January 26, 2009

With Serafina in the ball pit

On Saturday, we had the whole "Tong" gang (my sisters + babies) over and a couple with a daughter Serafina. The kids had a playdate and the adults ate a delicious home-cooked lunch. After lunch, Natalie invited Serafina into the ball pit with her at the Jumpin' Gym.

Natalie and Serafina playing together in the ball pit. They kept moving and it was hard to take a good shot (with iPhone camera).

Natalie and Serafina look at each other while chilling on top of a train (squeezed between the roof of the train and ceiling).

They were having a lot of fun together.

Inside the train, the babies peek out.

Natalie climbing out of the train.

When the train-ride next door passes, both Serafina and Natalie pause to watch it pass. Finally, a clear non-blurry shot!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The little climber that could

Last Thursday, we went to Gymboree play gym and hung out during the "free play" time. Before, Natalie used to cling to me. Now, she is really brave and ran into the gym without me (while I was still taking my shoes off). She is also really brave because she climbed a ladder all by herself without any help. Check out the photos below:

Natalie approaches the purple ladder.

She climbs up fearlessly without looking down.

She's almost at the top!

Natalie looks down and thinks, "I'm so high!"

She made it!

But she was too scared to stand up once at the top.

With a little help, she crawled to the slide instead and slid by herself back down.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Park bridges challenge

Earlier this week while Clark played 2-hours of tennis with a friend, Natalie and I roamed the playgrounds at Victoria Park. She especially enjoyed the challenge of the "Three Bridges".

Here is the full length of the Three Bridges challenge. And there is Natalie doing it again.

The first "bridge" are two sections of linked planks that move when you walk on them. They bounce a little and Natalie enjoyed bouncing up and down on them.

Next up, the second bridge are linked chains. They hung off the ground at about Natalie's mid-thigh and she really struggled to get through but she did the whole thing almost entirely by herself. Very. Very. Slowly.

The last bridge is a balance beam that wobbles. I have to hold both her hands for her to get through this section. She didn't enjoy it as much and only did it twice because I think she prefers to do things independently on her own.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A little snorer

Over the past few months, Natalie has been co-sleeping with Clark and I in our queen-sized bed. It's a little crowded, but we all enjoy it for now. We plan to transition her to her own bed later (maybe when she's 2).

Psst... btw, Natalie snores softly when she sleeps! It's cute :)

Natalie thoroughly enjoying an afternoon nap.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Natalie likes to dance with Elmo counting game

Natalie is so cute with her new, smooth dance moves. Watch Video 183 of Natalie doing a victory dance when she completes an online Elmo numbers and counting game.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soy Milk

As a prelude to weaning Natalie from the bottle, we have started to give her boxed soy milk drink. Initially, we tried to give her regular milk in a cup. That did not go so well. But the soy in a box is a novelty she couldn't resist. And it's sweeter and yummy. Here are photos of Natalie's first few moments with soy milk. She didn't finish the box, but she drank over 1/2. It's a good start.

Natalie posing with her new box of soy milk.

Muah-ah-ah... it's all mine! Mine! MINE!

Natalie wanders around holding the box and taking little sips.

Hmm... let me sit in my chair while I enjoy more of this yummy, tasty soy milk.

Natalie studies the box.

Natalie plays with the straw.

Mommy, look at my soy milk box drink!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My car seat

Yesterday, on our way to visit Natalie's cousins, I snapped a couple shots of Natalie in her car seat (we got it a few months ago, but not sure if we've had any pics of it yet). Doesn't it look comfy? Natalie loves it and will sit by herself in the back while I drive. If she's awake, she will call out "bus" and "bird" and "dog" and "small" to let us know about the things that she sees. She also likes to fall asleep in her seat.

Natalie sitting by herself in the backseat. Do you like her new pink bug hat?

When I say "smile!" Natalie gives the camera a BIG smile.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kitchen set happiness

While shopping at Wellcome supermarket (yes, it's spelt with two "L's") for ingredients to make creamed spinach, we looked the other way and somehow Natalie snuck this kitchen set toy into the grocery cart. So we bought it.

How could we not? See how much she loves it.

Look at my wonderful new plastic kitchen set. Isn't it wonderful?

She wore it like this all the way home.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Watch Video 181 and Video 182 of Natalie the copycat. She's so funny now! A few other things she can do:

  1. Remember and identify people she sees often, such as her friend Summer
  2. Feed herself soup with a spoon (and most of it even ends up in her mouth)
  3. Squeeze us when she hugs us
  4. Ask to go to the park
  5. Whisper ("hello" when she climbs in bed to wake us in the morning)
  6. Choose her favourite books for us to read to her
  7. Allow us to brush her teeth properly (she will spit out the toothpaste now instead of just sucking on the toothbrush)
  8. Refuse to sit down in her stroller and tell us it's because she has poo in her diaper
  9. Hand out the (correct!) shoes to people on our way out the door
  10. Go down a tall, spiral slide all by herself
  11. And just today, she said her very first "action-noun" sequence together. Sadly, it was not "something, mommy". Instead, it was "bye bye park" for when we left the park this morning. Hoping the "something, mommy" will come soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Siena's

Earlier this week, Natalie and I went to visit her friend Siena. Summer was there, too and very kindly gave some "earrings" (stickers) for Natalie to wear. We also found some headbands for her.

Natalie wearing a gold tinsel headband with flashing lights, singing, santa, and everything! Doesn't she look a little more girly here (maybe it's the earrings).

Later, we put on the devil horns. She's an angel, but this matched her one-piece outfit better.

And it stayed on better, too. Natalie has really grown a lot taller!

Here are Summer, Natalie and Siena playing together.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walk for Millions - Year Two

This past Sunday the Wang Gang and friends Brad, Brandon, Serena, and Vivian did the "Walk for Millions" charity event. It was our 2nd time (we did it last year, too). We walked 10km (with Natalie mostly in her stroller) in about 4 hours from Causeway Bay to Aberdeen. The weather was great with clear skies and everyone had a good time, even Natalie, who had a chance to play in a new playground we passed along the way. Thanks to Serena for these photos I found on facebook :)

We are ready to go! Yes, that is Natalie's purple fleece blanket wrapped around my neck. It was c-c-c-cold!

Natalie is ready to go, too. She was wrapped in 3 shirts, 2 pants, a hood and was toasty warm.

We passed this park along the way and stopped to let Natalie play for a while. Here she is looking happy with Brandon, Serena and Vivo.

Auntie Vivo takes Natalie around to explore the equipment. They jumped on a shaky bridge and even went (slowly) down the yellow spiral slide together.

Natalie showing her teeth with uncle Brandon.

Natalie is too cool posing with auntie Serena. Love the shades.

Looks like we may need to buy Natalie her own sunglasses.

We finished! Natalie with uncle Brad and aunties Serena and Vivo.