Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Siena's

Earlier this week, Natalie and I went to visit her friend Siena. Summer was there, too and very kindly gave some "earrings" (stickers) for Natalie to wear. We also found some headbands for her.

Natalie wearing a gold tinsel headband with flashing lights, singing, santa, and everything! Doesn't she look a little more girly here (maybe it's the earrings).

Later, we put on the devil horns. She's an angel, but this matched her one-piece outfit better.

And it stayed on better, too. Natalie has really grown a lot taller!

Here are Summer, Natalie and Siena playing together.

1 comment:

  1. wow nice play area! I wish i could build something as comprehensive as that in my house too! :P and yah, she looks good with earrings, maybe you should get her some lateR? :P but then, her hair will have grown out already! LOL