Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY at the Chen Den

Yesterday, we went to visit Nicholas, Carol and Dave along with Vanessa, Victoria, Lisa and Dennis. We went swimming, had lunch, visited the play room, the babies had naps, we played street fighter II, and then we all trooped out for dinner. It was such a fun day and the pool was empty and warm like a bath. Natalie loved the waterfall and she was very comfortable in the water. Thanks to the Chen Den for having us over!

The gang at the pool. I was last one in and snapped a few pics before the attendants told us no photo-taking in the pool.

A proper family pose with Natalie (and her fancy arm bands which she loves), Carol, Dave, Lisa, Nicholas, Vanessa and Clark.
I slip in the pool and take a quick photo with Natalie. I've had better fashion moments than the goggles-on-the-head look.
Vanessa really enjoyed the pool, too. She loved to splash!

Later, in the playroom, Natalie hangs out with Lisa and Victoria in the a play house.

And when Vanessa goes down a slide, her hair stands up with the static.
Here is Natalie hanging out with her daddy in the playroom.
Later, Natalie sneaks into an Ng Thing family photo.


  1. great photos! lucky we got a few in before the guys said stop! :P

  2. I'm stealing! Nice photos, thanks for capturing the very first time Nicholas went swimming.