Friday, January 16, 2009


Watch Video 181 and Video 182 of Natalie the copycat. She's so funny now! A few other things she can do:

  1. Remember and identify people she sees often, such as her friend Summer
  2. Feed herself soup with a spoon (and most of it even ends up in her mouth)
  3. Squeeze us when she hugs us
  4. Ask to go to the park
  5. Whisper ("hello" when she climbs in bed to wake us in the morning)
  6. Choose her favourite books for us to read to her
  7. Allow us to brush her teeth properly (she will spit out the toothpaste now instead of just sucking on the toothbrush)
  8. Refuse to sit down in her stroller and tell us it's because she has poo in her diaper
  9. Hand out the (correct!) shoes to people on our way out the door
  10. Go down a tall, spiral slide all by herself
  11. And just today, she said her very first "action-noun" sequence together. Sadly, it was not "something, mommy". Instead, it was "bye bye park" for when we left the park this morning. Hoping the "something, mommy" will come soon!

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