Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hair hair hair!

Poor Natalie has been plagued with no hair. It probably pains me more (she doesn't seem to mind) especially since I've been waiting to put in ponytails and barrettes and ribbons and other girly stuff so other people will stop saying "What a cute little boy!" on the streets. And now... her hair is finally, noticeably growing in! Check out the pics below.

Also, see the cutie talking and proudly showing us the food in her mouth in Video 173.

Natalie pointing and laughing at something funny. I think it was Clark drinking water, making a very satisfied "Ahhh..." sound and saying "Mmm... re-freshing!".

Look at the hair at the back of Natalie's head. It looks wispy. It's long enough to look wispy!

We may have to trim it to even it out to make it look less like a mullet. Natalie loves pressing buttons, like the ones found on mobile phones and even calculators.

The hair near the front of her head needs to catch up a little though.

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  1. cute! my goodness she's talking SOOOOOO much these days! can't wait to get her on the phone!