Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Natalie at the Chen Den

Yesterday, we took the MTR aaallll the way over to Tai Kok Tsui (ok, it's not that far away) to visit The Chen Den in their new place. While the parents played badminton, the kiddies hung out in the play room. Later, after finger lickin' good KFC, we hung out and played some competitive street fighter. It was great! Very chill. And best of all, Natalie had a chance to spend quality time with her little cousin Nicholas.

Natalie holding a real baby for the very first time (with Clark's help). Doesn't she look so grown up and mature in this pic?

Here they are again with both facing the camera. Natalie seemed very calm and curious holding little Nichy.

Nicholas seems to enjoy all the kisses he got from his cousin Natalie.

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  1. Damn, super cute!! We should have them all hold each other in order of size when i get back!! So Vanessa will be holding Natalie, whose holding Victoria, whose kinda of holding Nick! HAHAHA....super cute! Can't wait to get ALL the kids together!