Sunday, January 4, 2009

Natalie likes going out

Natalie loves to go out. Whenever we say "chut-gai-gai" (go out in Cantonese), Natalie gets all excited and goes to sit down in front of her shoes so we can help her put them on. Here are some pics from when we went for a stroll and to run some errands with her yesterday.

Natalie happy in the elevator.

Posing with daddy in the big christmas tree in maxi mall right below our apartment. We bought some nice new socks (with rubber bottoms) for Natalie to wear around the house since it's getting colder now!

Natalie happy and (almost) running once we're back outside on the sidewalk on our way to the park.

Natalie walking with me. She's becoming more and more independent and will sometimes push my hand away.

Natalie taking a break because we make her walk the whole way.

Finally we arrive at the park. Natalie goes right away to climb up the equipment.

She made it all by herself to the top!

She slides down the slide by herself, too.

Uh oh... this time she fell at the bottom of the slide and hit her lip. Here she is being comforted by her daddy.

Soon (30 seconds later) she is happy and climbing back up to the slide again.

Later, she also went to ride the plastic horse on springs and swing on the swings.

She also spent some good quality time with auntie Marian who took her on the slide and climbing.


  1. She's so cute... love that she crouches when she's tired from walking around so much. :)

  2. LOL, you look good tray! And so does Natalie - I love her tighty wighty blue pants - they rock!