Saturday, January 24, 2009

Park bridges challenge

Earlier this week while Clark played 2-hours of tennis with a friend, Natalie and I roamed the playgrounds at Victoria Park. She especially enjoyed the challenge of the "Three Bridges".

Here is the full length of the Three Bridges challenge. And there is Natalie doing it again.

The first "bridge" are two sections of linked planks that move when you walk on them. They bounce a little and Natalie enjoyed bouncing up and down on them.

Next up, the second bridge are linked chains. They hung off the ground at about Natalie's mid-thigh and she really struggled to get through but she did the whole thing almost entirely by herself. Very. Very. Slowly.

The last bridge is a balance beam that wobbles. I have to hold both her hands for her to get through this section. She didn't enjoy it as much and only did it twice because I think she prefers to do things independently on her own.

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