Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soy Milk

As a prelude to weaning Natalie from the bottle, we have started to give her boxed soy milk drink. Initially, we tried to give her regular milk in a cup. That did not go so well. But the soy in a box is a novelty she couldn't resist. And it's sweeter and yummy. Here are photos of Natalie's first few moments with soy milk. She didn't finish the box, but she drank over 1/2. It's a good start.

Natalie posing with her new box of soy milk.

Muah-ah-ah... it's all mine! Mine! MINE!

Natalie wanders around holding the box and taking little sips.

Hmm... let me sit in my chair while I enjoy more of this yummy, tasty soy milk.

Natalie studies the box.

Natalie plays with the straw.

Mommy, look at my soy milk box drink!

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