Friday, January 9, 2009

Window joy, big and small

Lately, Natalie loves sitting on a step-stool looking out the window in our bedroom. There are lots of pedestrians, cars, buses, and even birds outside the window that she finds interesting. And, using the cars and buses, she has learned to differentiate (we think) between big and small by saying cars and taxis are "moahl" (small) and buses and trucks are "bheeeg!" (big). Watch her in Video 180.

Natalie pointing out birds and cars as they pass by the window.

You can (kind of) see all the activity happening outside.

The other day, Clark ran outside and stood under the window where Natalie could see him. I pointed him out to Natalie and he waved and jumped up and down. We put him on the speaker phone with Natalie. She was totally, utterly, mouth-hanging-openly amazed.

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