Monday, January 26, 2009

With Serafina in the ball pit

On Saturday, we had the whole "Tong" gang (my sisters + babies) over and a couple with a daughter Serafina. The kids had a playdate and the adults ate a delicious home-cooked lunch. After lunch, Natalie invited Serafina into the ball pit with her at the Jumpin' Gym.

Natalie and Serafina playing together in the ball pit. They kept moving and it was hard to take a good shot (with iPhone camera).

Natalie and Serafina look at each other while chilling on top of a train (squeezed between the roof of the train and ceiling).

They were having a lot of fun together.

Inside the train, the babies peek out.

Natalie climbing out of the train.

When the train-ride next door passes, both Serafina and Natalie pause to watch it pass. Finally, a clear non-blurry shot!

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