Saturday, February 21, 2009

Natalie loves the park

Over the past couple of weeks, everyday, Natalie says to us, "Natalie go pahk!" (Natalie go to the park). She loves the park. The week before she became sick, Clark and I brought Natalie along with her cousins Vanessa and Victoria to the park in Lei King Wan. Below are photos of their time there.

Natalie and Vanessa enjoying time (maybe 30 seconds tops) on the springy horses.

Vanessa was really good at climbing the chain ladders.

She enjoyed sliding down and climbing back up the big yellow slide.

Even little Vicky got in on the slide action.
She loved it.

Natalie preparing to climb the stairs. She can climb these long and flat stairs by herself because the railing is just the right height.

Clark hanging with Natalie and Vanessa at the park. Vanessa is hanging on to the railings with her feet tucked up. Natalie is watching in amazement.

Later, Natalie gets 1cm of air in a massive jump.

More hanging around by Vanessa.

Natalie loves to watch and copy everything her older cousin Vanessa does.

Later, she leaves Vanessa alone to take a break by the ladder. She tries to climb it, but the rungs are too far apart for her.

Clark hanging out with little Victoria.

Natalie being affectionately touched by both her cousins.

Cousins' hug!

Later Vanessa helps Natalie to drink from her juice sippy cup. What a good older cousin!

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