Sunday, March 1, 2009

Natalie Loves Vanessa

Ever since Natalie was a littler baby, she has looked up to Vanessa and followed her around. She is amazed at all the wonderful things Vanessa can do like talk in full sentences and sing the ABC's.

Now that Natalie is beginning to speak, she talks constantly about "Es-sha" and whenever we ask, "Do you want to see Vanessa?" She whispers excitedly, "Yesh!" We can guarantee her full cooperation whenever we go out and tell her "We're going to see Vanessa." Natalie will quietly allow us to change her diaper and her clothes and put on her socks without fuss. Then she will bring her shoes to us and sit down on the floor so we can help her put them on.

When we finaly see Vanessa, Natalie will follow her around with adoring eyes. But if Vanessa gets too rambunctious (she is older and stronger and loves to hug Natalie), Natalie will get scared and say "No! No!" and run to me to hide behind my legs.

Natalie sitting with her favourite cousin at the Jumping Gym. They played a few rides together and, of course, fought over who gets to touch the steering wheel and who gets to push the buttons.

Natalie waves "Hi" to the camera. Vanessa avoids looking at the camera.

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