Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Natalie Videos

Have taken a bunch of videos over the past week and only getting around to posting them today. Check them out below.

Video 185 - Natalie has suddenly developed a great throwing arm. The ball actually goes forward now instead of just up or behind her or rolling out of her hand.

Video 186 - Natalie is very possessive of her toys. When she is playing with something, she doesn't want anyone else to touch them. Watch her crying when her older cousin Vanessa wants to play with her.

Video 187 - Watch Natalie cheerfully and forcefully pushing Vanessa around in a toy cart. She tells me she's "shtuk!" (stuck) and asks for "mommy, hep" (mommy, help).

Video 188 - Listen to cousin Vanessa sing the whole ABC song all by herself. Natalie watches her in fascination (because Natalie doesn't know how to sing yet). Later, Natalie and Vanessa both say hi and bye to the camera.


  1. Wow, Natalie and Vanessa are actually playing "together." Before, they used to just play separately, or do their own thing, but now they are really beginning to interact! Exciting to see how act around each other.

  2. OK, i can't tell you how many times Vanessa watches the one with Natalie crying. The too bad is that it's too short for her! LOL