Friday, February 20, 2009

Play dates

Now that Natalie is getting bigger and learning to "play" with other babies, it's been more fun to arrange play dates with her and her cousins Vanessa, Victoria, and Nicholas. Sometimes they come over to play, or we go to their place.

We taped a large piece of paper to the floor and let Vanessa and Natalie draw on in together.

Little Victoria hanging out with her mommy Lisa.

Later, Natalie and Vanessa play with fruit halves that are velcro'd together they can "cut" with a plastic knife. Everything was fun and good for a while...

But Vanessa and Natalie are too young to understand the concept of "taking turns" and fighting for the fake knife broke out.

Good thing babies and toddlers don't have long memories or hold grudges. They were playing together again soon after and Natalie was once again following Vanessa around.

Later, during meal time, Lisa became super woman, feeding 3 kids at one time. Both hands (plus more) required.

And she made it look easy!

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  1. Thanks man, you give me too much credit!!! Great photos!