Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Natalie has been sick for almost one week now. She started with a low fever and a runny nose (last Wednesday) and progressed to a high fever, coughing, and even more (green stuff) leaking from her nose every 5 minutes.

After our second doctor's visit, the doctor finally suggested we take Natalie in to the hospital for a few tests and an i.v. drip (she wasn't eating or drinking enough). We were there for 2 nights and Natalie finally came home yesterday. She is really happy to be home and is sleeping in bed as I type. See photos below.

Natalie loved the "nose plugs" I gave her last week. She showed them off to her daddy Clark and kept looking in the mirror.

At the hospital, Natalie was given an IV drip by the nurses. She didn't like getting it (imagine long and loud screams of "Noooo!" and "Mom-mmeeeeee!") but didn't mind so much once it was on. Here is her left arm all wrapped up.

Natalie learning to sleep in her hospital bed with her new robotic arm. If she accidentally rolled on her arm or on the cord, the little IV machine would beep in alarm and I would have to adjust her.

A close-up.

Natalie up and about, on our way to the hospital play room with her IV drip following along. See how skinny she is! She was fascinated to meet with other kids with robotic arms, too.

Here is Natalie learning to play with one hand.

Drawing on the chalk board was fun, too. And only one hand was needed.


  1. Poor Natalie. Glad to hear she is better and back home! We miss you Natalie. :)

  2. Awww man...... poor thing!! She looks so skinny!! But at least she was enjoying herself there. It's tough on kids because they don't understand :(