Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teething pain

A couple weeks ago, Natalie went through her (hopefully) last bout of teething pain when her lower canines finally decided to make a s-l-o-w painful appearance. They took almost a week to come out and poor her she hardly ate anything (was back at the milk bottle) with the exception of congee which she gulped down and didn't need to chew. Anything that required chewing, even her beloved raisins, had her screaming and crying "Peh! Peh" (for pain) and putting a finger in her mouth and staring at us miserably. Fortunately, she is in a much better mood lately. See above videos.

Below are photos of Natalie on the bus with her daddy. She kept her mouth open like this the whole week she was teething because closing her mouth caused her pain. You can see she was swollen around the bottom of her jaw. Poor girl.

Natalie looking like a doofus with her mouth open. She was not a happy camper for almost the whole week.

This is her pitiful smile. We're so glad she is feeling much better!

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