Thursday, March 12, 2009

Colour and Gift wrapping art

Natalie has recently learned to distinguish between different colours. We were initially worried because she didn't even know one color, but suddenly, she now recognizes red, blue, purple, green, black and yellow!

The other day, while helping us to decorate the gift-wrapping paper for Vivo Yee-yee's birthday gift, she was able to tell us the color marker she wanted to use. She would draw a circle and some scribbles with the yellow marker, then put the cap back on and say, "Bwoo!" and I would uncap the blue marker and give it to her. When she was done with that, she would hand it to me and say "Gween!" and I would give her the green marker.

And now, when we're in the car, she will say "Yeh-low bus!" (for yellow bus) and "Ehd dah-cee!" (for red taxi). She's quite the little talker now.

Natalie concentrating on creating wonderful scribble art.

She pauses to smile for the camera and to show off her art work.

She was very happy and proud of her work.

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  1. She is a smartie! Isn't it so funny how one day they just learn how to do something that you've been teaching for a long time? I can't wait until Nicholas knows his colours....