Monday, March 2, 2009

Fake Crying

Natalie has become so clever. Recently, she's realized that whenever she screams and cries, she is more likely to get what she wants. Not only does she get what she wants, but she gets it faster. Here are two videos of Natalie crying to get what she wants:

Video 191 shows Natalie rolling on the floor crying. When I bring the camera out, she immediately stops and comes over to me to examine her favourite thing (herself) in the camera output tv. She also "sings" the ABC's and later points out her nose, mouth, eyes, ears and hair.

Video 192 shows Natalie sitting in her highchair. She wants a paper towel but we've told her "no more, no need" and she starts crying. So instead of comforting her, we of course bring out the camera. You can see the effort she takes to make herself cry again. When Clark tells her to stop crying before he will give her what she wants, she immediately stops crying and is happy again.

We're being manipulated by a toddler!

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