Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reading out loud

Watch Video 193 of Natalie reading a picture book "out loud". She can identify characters, items, and colors. If you're her grandparent, wait until the end where she says "Hi" to her Nai-nai, Por-por, Yeh-yeh, and Gong-gong. Her pronunciation is getting much better!

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  1. Dear Clark and Tracy:It's amazing! Litle Natalie can speak so many vacabulary and "communicate" with her parents. She is soooo lovely and cute. Guess she is ready to school, HaHa. Wish you three all the best and maybe we could meet during our 4/4-4/6 HK visit. Cheers, Joseph. BTW, my China contact is +886 13505610362,fyi