Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things Natalie Can Do

Natalie is really blooming into a little person. She walks, talks, and has opinions. Things she can do include:
  1. Poo in the toilet.
  2. Name colors and "not" colors. (eg. "Taxi red. Taxi no yellow.")
  3. Recognize and name at least 20 people.
  4. Ask for things she wants. (eg. "Bread" and "Nat-lee shower")
  5. Tell us things she doesn't want. (eg. "Nat-lee no sleep." and "Nat-lee no walk.")
  6. Feed herself a whole meal (with spoon, fingers, and toothpicks).
  7. Drink out of a cup by herself without spilling.
  8. Stand close to a dog without screaming in terror.
  9. Understand that she has to walk up the stairs before she can go down the slide at the park.
  10. Reason. (Eg. "Natalie, walk to the tree, then mommy will pick you up." or "Natalie, finish eating and then you can watch Elmo.")
  11. Help us change her diaper.
  12. Smile on command.
  13. Brush her teeth (with out help) and spit out the water.
  14. Choose shoes for the whole family (including herself, mommy, and ba-ba).
  15. And my all-time favourite: Hug us and say, "Love you" ("Mommy, Ba-Ba, uhv yoo!")


  1. how does she help you change her diaper? :P

  2. Yes, I'm curious about the changing diaper part as well. Can't wait till Nicholas can do those....

  3. wow Nat-lee is soooo smart! she can do so many things already!!