Saturday, March 28, 2009

Videos of Natalie talking and interacting

Natalie has become very good at communicating and interacting with others. Check out the following three videos:

Video 194 - Watch Natalie eating with her cousin Vanessa and Victoria. She can clearly communications "no veggies" and "no rice". She only likes to eat the "meat" (steamed ground pork). We can also bargain with her now by asking her to eat some rice before eating more meat. Halfway through the video, check out little Victoria's really cute smile.

Video 195 - Watch Natalie playing with a little tissue pack. She opens it, takes out a tissue, unfolds the tissue, wipes her nose, closes the pack, and gives it to me. She tells me the tissue is "dirty" and also says her longest sentence, "See you later".

Video 196 - Listen to Natalie describing what she did today. She saw her cousin Vanessa and Victoria. She likes her cousins. She also saw two dogs, one brown, one yellow. And she describes what dogs eat.

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