Sunday, April 26, 2009

Natalie jumping off a window ledge

Natalie LOVES to jump now. Every day she jumps. When she wakes up she jumps. When we go outside for a walk, she'll insist on stepping up a curb and jumping down back onto the sidewalk. And sometimes, she'll even climb up high and jump down (usually someone catches her).

Check out Video 211 of Natalie jumping off the window ledge in her room.

Also, see Video 212 (a little longer video) of Natalie reading with her daddy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friends with Ethan

Last week, we went to Ocean Park with Annie and her little boy Ethan. Ethan and Natalie are exactly one month apart and are good friends. See them posing next to a giant hippo on a bench in Ocean Park.

We just put them on the bench. They're warming up.

Ethan and Natalie are both saying, "Look, a hippo!"

Then they both give the hippo a big hug!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Natalie at Play

Here are more videos of Natalie. Now that she's older, she's more interactive and funny. She definitely has her own opinions and has started to throw tantrums or cry / whine if she doesn't get her way. She's also very affectionate still and will kiss and hug us all the time.

Video 208 - Listen to Natalie describe the things she sees as we "read" a book together. She loves to communicate and sometimes even stutters in her eagerness to tell us things.

Video 209 - Watch Natalie as she dances with Elmo. Elmo comes with a built-in song and she knows to press his hand to make music. She also loves to jump, especially now that she consistently gets air (both feet in the air).

Video 210 - Here is Natalie playing with playdoh. This is her first time and her first creation is... a snake! She made over twenty snakes in one sitting.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Natalie as mommy

Last week, Natalie tried on my dry-fit shirt. It was a little too big, but she liked it.

Hey, where are my hands?

Yeah, I got one out! Natalie is very expressive now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter weekend

This past Easter weekend, we had family over for an all-day play date followed by dinner including friends. Natalie had a great time hanging with her favourite cousins. See photos (courtesy of Lisa) below.

Natalie looking sincerely between bars at the park.

Natalie with Vanessa climbing up the stairs. Vanessa loves collecting leaves.

Little Victoria got in on the fun, too. Here is she climbing on the equipment.
Later, indoors, the babies play with some toys together. Natalie really loves to play with her cousins and can call them each by name.

Then Vanessa joins in the picture. It's a miracle, but somehow, we got all babies looking in the camera's general direction and 3 are smiling!

Vanessa loved to make fake "glasses" for herself.

Here is Natalie copying Vanessa but she doesn't get it quite right.

Later, Clark turns into a horse and gives rides to Natalie and Vanessa. They loved it.

After naps, Victoria, Vanessa and Natalie all took a bath together. They LOVED it and all had a blast. By the time we took them out, all their fingers, toes, and even the bottom of their feet were wrinkled.

All in all, a great day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Videos backlog

Over the past week, we have taken several videos of Natalie. She is really blooming into her own little person and learning new things every hour it seems! See the videos below:

Video 202 - We have trained Natalie to give us shoulder massages. She's quite good at it and does it very enthusiastically.

Video 203 - She also loves to go out and can be a little impatient while waiting for the elevator. It's very funny because she will pace up and down the elevator hallway and occasionally shout because she is so happy to be going out.

Video 204 - Watch Natalie use intense concentration as she patiently learning how to use a digital camera with Carol yee-yee. It's still a bit hard for her because the button needs to be held down for 3 seconds before the photo is taken.

Video 205 - Here she is demonstrating for the camera how to jump. Most of the time, she keeps one foot on the ground and gets zero air, but occasionally both feet will leave the ground.

Video 206 - Listen to Natalie having a chat with her daddy Clark. She's busy eating little fish crackers at the same time.

Video 207 - Watch Natalie make small eyes, big eyes, and her "surprised" look.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Natalie's friend Nana had a birthday party themed "Bollywood". Although we didn't get to go because we were sick, Natalie did have a nice outfit picked out for the occasion. See her with her many poses and expressions below.

Natalie with her little bowl of cereal. She has a small little smile.

She understands what the camera is now. When I take the camera out, she knows to move further away so the camera can "see" all of her.

When I say "Smile!" she can give a big, happy smile.

Occasionally, she also does a little fancy posing.

Later, she generously shares her cereal flakes with her daddy Clark.

Clark gives it back to Natalie.

For some reason, she finds this really funny.

Here's more smiling for the camera from Natalie. When it's not a "real" smile, sometimes, it looks like she's in pain.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Serafina's Birthday Party

A few days ago, our family attended Natalie's little friend, Serafina's 2nd birthday party. The apartment had 11 toddlers and 16 kids in attendance. As you can imagine, there were toys everywhere and we all had a great time!

Natalie looking at Serafina accepting birthday gifts while munching on a sandwich.

Natalie meeting some new playmates. She really liked her outfit with Minnie Mouse on the front. She now likes wearing dresses!

Natalie watching Serafina play with the bubble gun in the house. We had to move them outside because the floors became too slippery.

Here they are playing with more bubbles on the balcony with Clark.

Natalie (and all kids) LOVE bubbles.

Group photo! Can you find us?

This is our attempt at a "group" photo with the tots. Not quite as successful. Natalie is one of the quieter ones who will sit for a while and smile at the camera :)

Here is Natalie snacking on a cookie with her two friends Sabrina and Serafina. The best way to take a good photo is to feed them.

Serafina LOVES ice cream. Here is her cute milk moustache after drinking the last of the melted ice cream from her birthday cake. Poor Natalie did not even get to try a bite. I'm a mean mum!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Natalie's many expressions

Natalie has so many different expressions. Most of them are funny, some are serious, and the ones I like the most are when she is concentrating on something (some times with her tongue sticking out).

Lately, Natalie has really enjoyed playing with plastic shuttlecocks. She likes to pull them out and count them by saying "three four three four" and putting them back in. Check out her different expressions below.

Natalie concentrating on stacking the birdies just so.

She's reaching into the tube to pull out more birds.

She found one!

She asks, "Do you like how the birdie stack is growing?"

"I do!" Here she is being pleased with herself.

Only one birdie left. It's a long reach all the way to the bottom of the tube.

All done! No birdies left. Natalie shows me the empty tube.

Then we put them all back inside. Here is Natalie trying to figure out which way the lid goes on.

She got it!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Videos at the Park

We went to the park yesterday and took lots of videos of Natalie playing on the equipment and talking. Check them out (in order) below:

Video 197 - Natalie walking up the stairs and excitedly heading towards the park.

Video 198 - Natalie can walk up the equipment stairs by herself and go down the slide. She also loves to hang "like a monkey" between the slide bars.

Video 199 - Natalie loves looking at the other older children playing at the park. Sometimes she'll even say hi to them and call them "jeh-jeh" and "guh-guh". She also points out that a little girl is "jeh jeh" and "not mommy".

Video 200 - Wow, this is video 200 of Natalie! It's also one of my favourite. She's playing on the stairs and slide again and does a lot of talking. When she looks at the other children playing, you can see her filing away the information for later use.

Video 201 - Clark joins us at the park a little later. Although Natalie can play independantly by herself now and doesn't need us to climb up on the equipment with her, she still likes having us nearby. We also like to practice identifying colours with her, especially since she just learned her colours.

Back at the Park

We love our neighbourhood park. It's very close (just across the street) and usually has lots of other children playing there. Natalie has become very familiar with the equipment and will happily run around and explore without needing us to stay too close to her.

Natalie can climb up the stairs easily by herself now. She can also smile on command when we pull out the camera.

More smiling from Natalie with me. She's grown much taller and is almost at my waist now.

Clark took some great close-ups of Natalie hanging between the bars. She likes to lift up her feet and say "Unh-kee!" (monkey).

Another big smile from Natalie, and more monkeying around.

I love her little sweet kisses.

Natalie hanging with her daddy. Look at the same eyes, the same smiles.

Natalie hugging Clark. She loves it when "Ba-ba poh-poh!" (Clark carries her).

Natalie touching Clark's nose.