Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back at the Park

We love our neighbourhood park. It's very close (just across the street) and usually has lots of other children playing there. Natalie has become very familiar with the equipment and will happily run around and explore without needing us to stay too close to her.

Natalie can climb up the stairs easily by herself now. She can also smile on command when we pull out the camera.

More smiling from Natalie with me. She's grown much taller and is almost at my waist now.

Clark took some great close-ups of Natalie hanging between the bars. She likes to lift up her feet and say "Unh-kee!" (monkey).

Another big smile from Natalie, and more monkeying around.

I love her little sweet kisses.

Natalie hanging with her daddy. Look at the same eyes, the same smiles.

Natalie hugging Clark. She loves it when "Ba-ba poh-poh!" (Clark carries her).

Natalie touching Clark's nose.

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