Sunday, April 12, 2009


Natalie's friend Nana had a birthday party themed "Bollywood". Although we didn't get to go because we were sick, Natalie did have a nice outfit picked out for the occasion. See her with her many poses and expressions below.

Natalie with her little bowl of cereal. She has a small little smile.

She understands what the camera is now. When I take the camera out, she knows to move further away so the camera can "see" all of her.

When I say "Smile!" she can give a big, happy smile.

Occasionally, she also does a little fancy posing.

Later, she generously shares her cereal flakes with her daddy Clark.

Clark gives it back to Natalie.

For some reason, she finds this really funny.

Here's more smiling for the camera from Natalie. When it's not a "real" smile, sometimes, it looks like she's in pain.

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