Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Serafina's Birthday Party

A few days ago, our family attended Natalie's little friend, Serafina's 2nd birthday party. The apartment had 11 toddlers and 16 kids in attendance. As you can imagine, there were toys everywhere and we all had a great time!

Natalie looking at Serafina accepting birthday gifts while munching on a sandwich.

Natalie meeting some new playmates. She really liked her outfit with Minnie Mouse on the front. She now likes wearing dresses!

Natalie watching Serafina play with the bubble gun in the house. We had to move them outside because the floors became too slippery.

Here they are playing with more bubbles on the balcony with Clark.

Natalie (and all kids) LOVE bubbles.

Group photo! Can you find us?

This is our attempt at a "group" photo with the tots. Not quite as successful. Natalie is one of the quieter ones who will sit for a while and smile at the camera :)

Here is Natalie snacking on a cookie with her two friends Sabrina and Serafina. The best way to take a good photo is to feed them.

Serafina LOVES ice cream. Here is her cute milk moustache after drinking the last of the melted ice cream from her birthday cake. Poor Natalie did not even get to try a bite. I'm a mean mum!

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