Thursday, April 2, 2009

Videos at the Park

We went to the park yesterday and took lots of videos of Natalie playing on the equipment and talking. Check them out (in order) below:

Video 197 - Natalie walking up the stairs and excitedly heading towards the park.

Video 198 - Natalie can walk up the equipment stairs by herself and go down the slide. She also loves to hang "like a monkey" between the slide bars.

Video 199 - Natalie loves looking at the other older children playing at the park. Sometimes she'll even say hi to them and call them "jeh-jeh" and "guh-guh". She also points out that a little girl is "jeh jeh" and "not mommy".

Video 200 - Wow, this is video 200 of Natalie! It's also one of my favourite. She's playing on the stairs and slide again and does a lot of talking. When she looks at the other children playing, you can see her filing away the information for later use.

Video 201 - Clark joins us at the park a little later. Although Natalie can play independantly by herself now and doesn't need us to climb up on the equipment with her, she still likes having us nearby. We also like to practice identifying colours with her, especially since she just learned her colours.


  1. Wow she's a smartie. It seems like the past few weeks everything all came together! :) Can't wait to see you guys soon as soon as I get over this cold.

  2. LOL - Nat is a cutie... and it's incredible how fast they grow and interact and do things eH? It only gets better!