Monday, April 13, 2009

Videos backlog

Over the past week, we have taken several videos of Natalie. She is really blooming into her own little person and learning new things every hour it seems! See the videos below:

Video 202 - We have trained Natalie to give us shoulder massages. She's quite good at it and does it very enthusiastically.

Video 203 - She also loves to go out and can be a little impatient while waiting for the elevator. It's very funny because she will pace up and down the elevator hallway and occasionally shout because she is so happy to be going out.

Video 204 - Watch Natalie use intense concentration as she patiently learning how to use a digital camera with Carol yee-yee. It's still a bit hard for her because the button needs to be held down for 3 seconds before the photo is taken.

Video 205 - Here she is demonstrating for the camera how to jump. Most of the time, she keeps one foot on the ground and gets zero air, but occasionally both feet will leave the ground.

Video 206 - Listen to Natalie having a chat with her daddy Clark. She's busy eating little fish crackers at the same time.

Video 207 - Watch Natalie make small eyes, big eyes, and her "surprised" look.

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