Sunday, May 31, 2009

All about the videos

Now that Natalie is older, we find videos are so much more fun! Here are two more videos, with more to come:

Video 217 - Watch as Natalie gives us HUGE, big, wet, sloppy kisses. She is so playful and affectionate now, we love it!

Video 218 - Here is Natalie asking for her favourite snack... rice crackers with peanut butter. Her pronunciation is very good now! And her reasoning abilities are great, too. Before she can eat her snack, she knows she has to drink some juice. Later, when she has her snack, she tells us we can't eat it because it's dirty.

Just today, we had Natalie's 3 favourite cousins come to visit for a wonderful play date from morning through to lunch. Here are two videos Video 219 and Video 220 of the four of them playing together.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making crafts at home

A few days ago, Natalie and I created home-made rattles out of toilet paper rolls, paper towels and rice. Natalie loved the whole process and especially enjoyed putting the rice little-by-very-very-little into the tubes.

Watch Video 215 of Natalie making the rattles.

Watch Video 216 of Natalie playing with her finished rattles. She loved it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Going Potty

Natalie has been doing really super well with potty training. She can poop consistently into the toilet (with maybe an accident in her diaper only once or twice a week) and, amazingly, she has even started to wee-wee, too! We're so proud of her.

It really helps that Natalie received this wonderful "Potty Elmo" from her auntie Helen and uncle Dan. It comes with a cup for Elmo to drink, a toilet for Elmo to wee-wee, and even a little book Elmo can read while on the pooper. Natalie likes to read on the toilet now, too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last of the Canada Photos

Finally got around to checking the camera and uploading the last of the photos from our wonderful time in Toronto. Here they are below.

Natalie chasing the giant bubbles made my Alex Su-su.

She LOVED it. When Su-su went in to try and find a way to make every bigger bubbles, Natalie stood outside and kept saying, "Bub-buhs! Bub-buhs! Su-su, Bub-buhs, Su-su!"

She even stood and waited patiently in the grass as Alex continued to blow huge bubbles her way. She liked to try and "catch" them.

Natalie even tried blowing bubbles herself, but she didn't have enough breath.

Alex was so patient and used up ALL the soap formula in the tube.
Here is Natalie with Vanessa Sen-sen. She sat quietly and contentedly on Sen-sen's lap while we played a friendly game of cards.

Here is Natalie being very "deh" (shy) with her Sen-sen.

We were playing cards with Por-por, Nai-nai, and Alex Su-su.

Natalie with Ba-ba Clark and Alex-Su-su. What great smiles!

Natalie getting a big kiss from me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Video from the T-dot

Although we were gone for 3 weeks, we only have one video to show for it. Here is Natalie enjoying the clock ride at Chucky Cheese in Video 213.

Also, see Video 214 of Natalie back in Hong Kong and chatting with me, describing her favourite foods. She grows and changes A LOT in just a few weeks and has started stringing together full sentences and even giving reasons for her requests (eg. "Ba-ba poh-poh Nat-lee. Nat-lee too slow!" which means she wants Clark to carry her because she's too slow). Also, we have begun to try and correct her pronunciation. In this video, she tries to say "video". It's totally unrecognizable, but at least she's open to trying to learn to say it properly!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More random pics from Canada

Still rounding up pics from our trip to Canada. Here are a few stragglers. And I strongly suspect there are more on the camera... (to be posted later).

Natalie posing with me and Por-por. We love Canada!

Natalie in her car seat with Por-por. Her sunglasses are upsidedown but she doesn't seem to mind (or notice).

Here is Natalie again with me and Nai-nai in Waterloo.

This photo was taken during a yummy home-made meal in Waterloo. From left to right, top-to-bottom we have: Clark, Yeh-yeh, Gong-gong Pepin, Vanessa Sen-sen, Alex Su-su, Tracy (me) with Natalie, Nai-nai, and Por-por Esther. This photo took 5 hungry minutes to take, but it turned out great!

Natalie comfortable and happy playing in Canada. It was a little chilly at first, but warmed up nicely in the last week. Natalie also received LOTS of new clothes from her grandparents. She loves new clothes (ok, I love them, too!)

While in Waterloo, Natalie sat in an improvised highchair made with one adult chair + 2 pillows. She was like a queen in her chair. Here she is playing with her knees and feet.

Here she is concentrating on something.

Later, Su-su took a photo of Natalie's new Elmo toy and a big stuffed bear on the grass. We left a lot of toys in Canada because we have TOO MANY in Hong Kong, and of course, we'll be back to play with them again soon!

Natalie and Su-su and her sunglasses

Natalie got to know her Su-su Alex very well while we were in Toronto. Here are some photos of them together.

Natalie with her Su-su.

She really loved playing with Su-su who was really energetic and playful with her.

She loved to take off and then put on her sunglasses to show Su-su how "cool" she is. She would say "Nat-a-lee so cool!"

She took them off, put them back on, took them off and put them back on.

She also loves to take them off and say "Too bwight!" and then put them back on and say "So dark!".

More sunglasses fun with Su-su.

Natalie misses her Su-su. She's sitting beside me right now and when I asked her if she misses Su-su, she said, "Eshhh!" (yes).

Actually, Por-por bought Natalie TWO pairs of sunglasses. She loves to pick between her black and white pair. Here she is wearing her white sunglasses while at Alex Su-su's convocation. She can also say "Cuh-grah-u-cha-sion, Su-su!" (Congratulations, Su-su).

Natalie and Us in Toronto

Natalie really soaked in the sun while in Toronto. BUT she needed her sunglasses and her hat. Here she is with Clark and I enjoying the sun on Por-por's front step.

Natalie loves to give us hugs now. Actually, we call them "squeezes" so she actually squeezes us. We love it.

Natalie giving us her "camera smile" while posing with Clark.

Natalie giving me a big hug. And a camera smile. She's a ham now whenever the camera comes out. After the photo is taken, she'll walk to the photographer and say, "Ah see Nat-a-lee! Ah see Nat-a-lee! (She wants to see herself in the photo that was just taken.)

Natalie dancing in the sun. I think she was singing twinkle twinkle little star.

Happy Mother's Day!

We returned to Hong Kong just last night and this morning, I discovered we have LOTS of photos to share! Actually, I've done a poor job of updating this blog while we've been away, and now we have some catch-up to do.

Below are photos from our Mother's Day buffet dinner at a Wasabi Japanese restaurant. It was a yummy dinner and we ate too much (as usual!)

More photos to come later :)

The Tong and Wang family celebrating mother's day together. This is after we are all stuffed with sushi and tempura and sashimi.

Nai-nai, Yeh-yeh and Clark with Natalie atthe beginning of our meal. See how excited everyone is to start eating?

Su-su, Sen-sen, and Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh are ready to eat. Actually, I think we've already finished a platter of sushi/sashimi already.

Natalie giving me a very big and cute hug while posing with daddy Clark, and Por-por and Gong-gong.

Natalie ate A TON of stuff, including bowls of noodles and rice. For dessert, she wolfed down 3 pieces of watermelon.

Here she is looking happy while working on her dessert.

She loves watermelon, but will still share if I ask for a bite. What a sweet girl.

Natalie eating more dessert with Nai-nai. She LOVES buffet! (Who doesn't?)

More cute smiles with Nai-nai.

Natalie playful and active with Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh.

The full and complete Wang Gang huddle for a post-meal photo. We're stuffed!

Our little family with Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh.

Our family again with Por-por and Gong-gong. Natalie is so cute giving Por-por a HUGE hug!

Our family again with Su-su and Sen-sen and more smiles from Natalie.

Natalie giving Ba-ba and big hug and smile. Lately, Clark has taken over "feeding" duties while we're eating out. This is because he eats FAST and I'm a slow eater and this means our whole family finishes a meal together. Thanks Clark!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Diva alert

Since coming to Canada where the sun is actually unobscured by pollution and "clouds", Natalie has been insisting on wearing her sunglasses and her new invertible hat. As we're putting her shoes on, she'll glance out the window and say, "So bright! Need sunglass!" and will insist on putting them on before going outside.

Natalie has been having such a great time in Canada. She's really learned a lot (with her different playmates like her grandparents) and enjoying the great weather.

Bath time hair

Natalie has really enjoyed bath time in Canada. Especially because... we have bubble bath!

Natalie happy in her bath tub with her little bath toys.

Natalie getting her hair styled by world-renowned hair expert Clark.

Today her casual "day" look is punk. She's born to be wild.

Later, her stylist chooses to give her hair horns. She's become very goo-wat (mischievious) and it seemed appropriate.

Natalie seems to agree with her horns.

For her evening look, her stylist went with a simple side part and a short fringe.

Natalie is so glamourous. She loves it!