Monday, May 18, 2009

Bath time hair

Natalie has really enjoyed bath time in Canada. Especially because... we have bubble bath!

Natalie happy in her bath tub with her little bath toys.

Natalie getting her hair styled by world-renowned hair expert Clark.

Today her casual "day" look is punk. She's born to be wild.

Later, her stylist chooses to give her hair horns. She's become very goo-wat (mischievious) and it seemed appropriate.

Natalie seems to agree with her horns.

For her evening look, her stylist went with a simple side part and a short fringe.

Natalie is so glamourous. She loves it!


  1. CUTE! Dora bubbles? Again, good to reuse! No pics with M&D?

  2. I love these pics! Natalie is so sweet!