Saturday, May 9, 2009


Natalie had her ears pierced 2 days ago (May 7) and she loves it. We love it, too! She looks so cute and feminine with her little diamond studs. They are solid 18k gold (to prevent allergies) and she must wear them for 6 weeks before removing. Thanks to Por-por and Gong-gong who treated Natalie for her 2nd birthday!

Natalie smiling happily at the camera while sitting on the toilet. She LOVES her new earrings and will point them out to people she meets. She says, "Nat-lee ee-wing!"

Are you surprised I got them? Yes, mommy and daddy have mutilated me!! But I like it. I hardly cried at all (only at the beginning because I could sense mommy was nervous). After it was done, I didn't cry at all and only smiled while admiring myself in the mirror.

I really like the shiny (pronounced "shy-nee!").

Don't I look more girly now? I dare you to call me a boy now!


  1. Finally an update! The earrings look fabulous! Glad Natalie really likes them and you guys are enjoying yourselves there. :)

  2. nice!!! they look really good!! she looks like a girl!

  3. WOw!! I cant believe Natalie got earings! And they look so good!!

  4. Wow Natalie you are a brave girl! The earrings look so cute!