Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We returned to Hong Kong just last night and this morning, I discovered we have LOTS of photos to share! Actually, I've done a poor job of updating this blog while we've been away, and now we have some catch-up to do.

Below are photos from our Mother's Day buffet dinner at a Wasabi Japanese restaurant. It was a yummy dinner and we ate too much (as usual!)

More photos to come later :)

The Tong and Wang family celebrating mother's day together. This is after we are all stuffed with sushi and tempura and sashimi.

Nai-nai, Yeh-yeh and Clark with Natalie atthe beginning of our meal. See how excited everyone is to start eating?

Su-su, Sen-sen, and Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh are ready to eat. Actually, I think we've already finished a platter of sushi/sashimi already.

Natalie giving me a very big and cute hug while posing with daddy Clark, and Por-por and Gong-gong.

Natalie ate A TON of stuff, including bowls of noodles and rice. For dessert, she wolfed down 3 pieces of watermelon.

Here she is looking happy while working on her dessert.

She loves watermelon, but will still share if I ask for a bite. What a sweet girl.

Natalie eating more dessert with Nai-nai. She LOVES buffet! (Who doesn't?)

More cute smiles with Nai-nai.

Natalie playful and active with Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh.

The full and complete Wang Gang huddle for a post-meal photo. We're stuffed!

Our little family with Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh.

Our family again with Por-por and Gong-gong. Natalie is so cute giving Por-por a HUGE hug!

Our family again with Su-su and Sen-sen and more smiles from Natalie.

Natalie giving Ba-ba and big hug and smile. Lately, Clark has taken over "feeding" duties while we're eating out. This is because he eats FAST and I'm a slow eater and this means our whole family finishes a meal together. Thanks Clark!!

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