Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last of the Canada Photos

Finally got around to checking the camera and uploading the last of the photos from our wonderful time in Toronto. Here they are below.

Natalie chasing the giant bubbles made my Alex Su-su.

She LOVED it. When Su-su went in to try and find a way to make every bigger bubbles, Natalie stood outside and kept saying, "Bub-buhs! Bub-buhs! Su-su, Bub-buhs, Su-su!"

She even stood and waited patiently in the grass as Alex continued to blow huge bubbles her way. She liked to try and "catch" them.

Natalie even tried blowing bubbles herself, but she didn't have enough breath.

Alex was so patient and used up ALL the soap formula in the tube.
Here is Natalie with Vanessa Sen-sen. She sat quietly and contentedly on Sen-sen's lap while we played a friendly game of cards.

Here is Natalie being very "deh" (shy) with her Sen-sen.

We were playing cards with Por-por, Nai-nai, and Alex Su-su.

Natalie with Ba-ba Clark and Alex-Su-su. What great smiles!

Natalie getting a big kiss from me.

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  1. love the pics! still haven't seen you since you got back! DARN!