Thursday, May 21, 2009

Natalie and Su-su and her sunglasses

Natalie got to know her Su-su Alex very well while we were in Toronto. Here are some photos of them together.

Natalie with her Su-su.

She really loved playing with Su-su who was really energetic and playful with her.

She loved to take off and then put on her sunglasses to show Su-su how "cool" she is. She would say "Nat-a-lee so cool!"

She took them off, put them back on, took them off and put them back on.

She also loves to take them off and say "Too bwight!" and then put them back on and say "So dark!".

More sunglasses fun with Su-su.

Natalie misses her Su-su. She's sitting beside me right now and when I asked her if she misses Su-su, she said, "Eshhh!" (yes).

Actually, Por-por bought Natalie TWO pairs of sunglasses. She loves to pick between her black and white pair. Here she is wearing her white sunglasses while at Alex Su-su's convocation. She can also say "Cuh-grah-u-cha-sion, Su-su!" (Congratulations, Su-su).

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