Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Babies' Joint Birthday

We celebrated our Apr-Jun babies' SECOND birthday together on Monday. We went to playtown and ran around for a couple hours (it's amazing in there!) before lighting up beautiful cupcakes (one for each of the babies). We illegally snuck in the cakes and later got in trouble... oops! Here are the pics of the singing ceremony and the eating before we got busted.

The babies (well... babies no longer!) gather around the cupcakes and clap along while we sing the birthday song.

Some are mesmerized by the flickering flames on the candles. Natalie is busy clutching her cranberries and looking around at all the crazy adults whispering the birthday song.

Then we blow out the candles. Natalie tried, but the wind she generated only blew out about 1 cm past her mouth.

Time to eat! This is Natalie's very first bite of cupcake + FROSTING.

The first words out of her mouth were... "That's yum-meeeeeeeEEEE!!!" Her eyes were super wide and her eyebrows high. It was a new revelation for her. It is probably now her favourite food and will be until she's 90.

Here she is enthusiastically taking another BIG bite of cupcake.

I managed to distract her and quickly ate off all the smarties and most of the icing. She didn't seem to notice.

A two-hand hold ensures no one steals her cupcake.

Natalie finished the cupcake while looking super cute in her new little outfit.


  1. You should have taken a video!!!!

  2. Yum cupcakes!!! We certainly missed out on a fun and delicious birthday party!